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Standard Content Hosting

Our web hosting packages include the option of client-side management and editing.

We offer a variey of hosting plans that support your web design and allow a choice of who you want to maintain the design. In the Small Business and Small Business Plus plans, you can use an FTP account to manage your website in Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web software. In the event that you need work to be performed by us, we include a bank of changes that can be used so there is no additional cost on your part for our expertise. Lastly, the plan that you choose comes with discounted hourly rates for advanced work on your website and prioritized requests.

Triangle Digital Productions Supports
Microsoft Expression Web and Adobe DreamWeaver

Content Management System (CMS) Hosting

Our CMS hosting allows the client to manage their website with full support by our company.

Our company currently offers Content Management Systems, which allow customers to make changes to their website without the need for specialized software (like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression). The primary benefit to a content management system, is that your webpage can be edited directly through an online application. Like our packages above, we include a bank of monthly edits that you can use for our professional services.

For more information on our content mangement system hosting plans, please contact us at (919) 295-0519 or