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Work Zone Ahead: This page is being tweaked and re-written. Please pardon the dust during our 'Fortify' project.

Web Design and Proposals

The look and feel of your web site profoundly impacts your company's brand. Moreover, it is important to be searched online and have a social media presence.

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Hosting Plans

Our hosting plans include unqiue features that are designed to meet client's needs. We offer premium hosting services for Word Press, HTML-based web sites, and specialized software.

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Domain Registration

In addition to our hosting plans, we offer domain name registration and transfer services. We offer a variety of top-level domains to brand your business online.

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Enhanced Web Services

We offer additional services to protect the integrity of your of website, maintain compliance with state and federal laws, and earn trust with your visitors.

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Standard Features

When you choose to host your website with our company, it is important to be educated about important features that increase your productivity, protect your brand, and hosted data.

  • Secure Client Portal - Our online client portal provides the ability for you to manage domain name records, invoices and quotes, hosting packages, and support requests. When ever a change is made to your website, it is documented in your portal's site changelog.
  • Branded Email Service - Your domain will include our basic email service, which include a mobile calander and contact directory option. For advanced email services, we offer upgrades to Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Outlook 365 (Outlook), and an enhanced email client. We take care of modifying your domain's DNS records and email service's mailbox setup.
  • Data Integrity - Our client websites are hosted on individual server accounts, which means your data will never be mixed with other clients. We provide basic backup services for which archives can be recalled quickly. In addition to those procedures, we also implement strict password and software security policies.
  • Malware Protection - Our hosted websites include scheduled malware scans, which check your data for malicious code. If malware is detected: we will be notified, your website will be automatically turned off, and your risk of being blacklisted by search engines is reduced.
  • Storage Facility and Location - 100% of our hosting data is stored in the central United States with an accredited service provider. It is important to know that we have had a trusted relationship with our service provider for over eight years and believe that data residency is important to our clients.

Premium WordPress Hosting

When your WordPress hosting package is paired with our design services, you will have a robust website that has a competitive edge. WordPress is an open-source content management system that allows you to freely edit your website in any web browser. We have outlined the core features of our hosting plan that set us apart from the competition:

  • Enhanced Security Policies - We have implemented security policies, which reduce the risk of malware and viruses infecting your website. In addition to our server-level security features, your WordPress installation will have several security policies enabled to protect your data.
  • Enhanced WordPress Installation - We have developed an enhanced installation template that includes enhanced features to steamline your editing experience. You will be amazed with the toolbars, widgets, and plug-ins that are included with most designs.
  • Managed Installations - Your WordPress installation will be auotmatically upgraded to the newest version. In addition to the courtesty of having the most updated and secure WordPress software, our company includes professional content and template management with our premium hosting plans.
  • Data Backup - Your premium hosting package will include the choice of remote data backups and localized data backups. With localized backups, you can customize the schedule that your website data is captured and archived.

Professional Website Hosting

We offer a variey of hosting plans that support your web design and allow a choice of who you want to maintain the design. In the Small Business and Small Business Plus plans, you can use an FTP account to manage your website in Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web software.

  • Content Management Options - In the event that you need work to be performed by us, we include a bank of changes that can be used so there is no additional cost on your part for our expertise. Lastly, the plan that you choose comes with discounted hourly rates for advanced work on your website and prioritized requests.
  • Data Backup - Your professional hosting package will include the choice of remote data backups and localized data backups. With localized backups, you can customize the schedule that your website data is captured and archived.
  • Control Panel - Clients may request back-end access to their control panel account. This provides access to advanced site features such as browser-based FTP access, visitor statistics, and more.

Content Management Systems and Other Software Hosting

Our company currently offers Content Management Systems, which allow customers to make changes to their website without the need for specialized software (like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression). The primary benefit to a content management system, is that your webpage can be edited directly through an online application. Like our packages above, we include a bank of monthly edits that you can use for our professional services.